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Robert R. Cawley, D.O.

Dover, NH 03802

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Rehabilitation Services

Tackle Your Goals

Leading Rehab Team

You are committed to being your best. As you persevere, our compassionate, highly-skilled and supportive team is there with you every step of the way.

Guiding you with the attention you deserve, our Rehabilitation Services team has all of the inpatient and outpatient services you’d expect from a regional leader. We provide physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, as well as pulmonary, cancer, cardiac and neurological rehabilitation programs. 

Physical Therapy | Rehabilitation Services | WDH

Our wide range of specialties and expert providers, are available at three convenient locations in Dover, Lee and Durham.

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Physical Therapy

Take advantage of our indoor gym, a Balance Center unique to this area of the country, and pool facilities as part of your physical therapy program. Our comprehensive program can work with you to prevent and treat injuries, prepare for and bounce back from surgery, and more. Our physical therapists offer comprehensive care of your musculoskeletal, neurological and balance disabilities or sports medicine needs. 

Occupational Therapy

Duplicate “real world” functions with our BTE Work Simulator to design an occupational therapy program tailored specifically for you. Overcome restrictions caused by heart disease, stroke, arthritis and trauma working as an inpatient or outpatient with our team of occupational therapists.

Speech Therapy

Keep your voice alive with LSVT LOUD®. Our specially-trained speech therapists partner with you to improve your quality of speech affected by Parkinson disease and other neurological conditions.

Stay moving with LSVT BIG®. Learn how to stay active using this research-based exercise approach.

Improve your fitness and quality of life with our rehabilitation programs customized for those with cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease, cancer or acquired brain injuries or who are looking to accelerate a return to academics and play after a sports concussion.

Confront your challenges. We do it here every day.


Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, 789 Central Avenue, Dover 
(603) 740-2101

Rehab & Sports Therapy Center, 16 Jenkins Court, Durham
(603) 868-2600

Wentworth-Douglass Professional Center, 65 Calef Highway, Lee
(603) 868-8520

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Our Locations

Wentworth-Douglass Hospital Rehabilitation Services offers three locations for your convenience. See below for phone numbers and directions.  

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Wentworth-Douglass Hospital Rehab Services

789 Central Avenue

Dover, NH 03820

Phone: (603) 740-2101

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Wentworth-Douglass Professional Center

65 Calef Highway

Lee, NH 03861

Phone: (603) 868-8520

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Rehab & Sports Therapy Center Durham, NH

16 Jenkins Court

Durham, NH 03824

Phone: (603) 868-2600

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