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Robert R. Cawley, D.O.

Dover, NH 03802

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Personal Photographs, Images, and Video/Audio Recording Taken by Patients, Members, or Visitors

Wentworth-Douglass Health System recognizes that devices such as smart phones with photo/video/audio capabilities, digital photo devices and camcorders can be used by patients, members, and their visitors to enhance communications and preserve memorable experiences.  At the same time, such devices can pose a risk to patient, member, and employee privacy, and in some cases can interfere with medical equipment.  While it is not our intent to write policies for every new technology, it is our expectation that usage will be appropriate and respect patient/member privacy.  Staff may request anyone to step out of patient care areas while using such a device.

  1. Patients, members, and/or visitors may be permitted to photograph, videotape, or create other images for personal reasons, understanding that staff may decline being included in the videotape or photograph.  At the discretion of WDHS, a copy of the photographs or images may be requested for the medical record.

  2. WDHS policy allows for videotaping during labor and delivery.  The Hospital, Medical Staff, and Affiliates reserve the right to stop any videotaping or photography at any time for any reason.

  3. Patients, members, and/or visitors are not permitted to take photographs or images of other patients or staff without consent.

  4. Photography or videotaping by patients, members, and/or their visitors is not permitted if it would:
    a. record any Protected Health Information of any other WDHS patient or member;
    b. include any Medical Staff member, WDHS staff, or other individual who objects to being included in the photography or videotaping; or
    c. interfere with the provision of care or the operation of WDHS equipment.

  5. At the discretion of WDHS, a copy of photography and/or videotape footage taken by a patient, member, and/or visitor may be requested for the record.

  6. To the extent a staff member is aware of any inappropriate attempt to photograph a patient, member, and/or staff member, the staff member shall take reasonable steps to ensure that patients and/or staff members are not photographed within WDHS by a patient or a patient’s family members or visitors.
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