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High-Tech Hybrid OR Expands Vascular Care

The new Hybrid OR, the only purely vascular hybrid operating room in the Seacoast, is up and running at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital. And it has the most sophisticated three-dimensional imaging system in the entire country - Toshiba's Infinix-i Sky. 

This equipment brings superior fixed X-ray imaging and fully integrated technology right into the operating room, providing a larger field of view and higher image resolution. But what really excites Timothy Nesmith, MSM, BSN, RN, CNOR, Director of Surgical Services, are the benefits for patients: "Enhanced imaging means enhanced outcomes. Now we can do minimally invasive procedures and surgeries in a sterile OR environment, with increased patient safety and faster recovery."

This technology significantly expand the hospital's vascular program to provide patients with more confident and accurate interventional exams. Wentworth-Douglass Hospital is using the system to diagnose and treat a wide range of vascular disorders, such as aneurysms and peripheral vascular disease.  

According to Dr. James M. Estes, vascular surgeron and Director of the Cardiovascular Care Center, “We can now perform advanced minimally invasive aneurysm repair more efficiently and with less risk of complications.” The fixed X-ray technology enables the surgical team to overlay precise imagery that is generated in real time, creating a three-dimensional guide to pinpoint a blockage or occlusion, place stents, or repair an aneurysm. This all happens with less radiation exposure for the patient compared to conventional systems.

The equipment’s C-Arm (connecting the X-ray source and X-ray detector) can rotate 270 degrees, allowing the team to navigate from every possible angle. And this all happens in real time, maximizing pinpoint accuracy and minimizing the need for more invasive steps. According to Nesmith, “The new C-Arm moves on its own, can do rotational spins around the patient, and fully integrates this information with the patient and the actual operating table. Every element works together.”

While the Hybrid OR’s initial use will focus on vascular surgery, it will have a hospital-wide impact on orthopedics, urology, and general surgical procedures. One example is spine surgery, often involving extremely delicate procedures that will greatly benefit from three-dimensional technology.

These and other minimally invasive procedures mean that patients often can be under local sedation, and not necessarily general anesthesia. In addition, more procedures can be done as same day surgeries, without the need for an overnight hospital stay.

“This is a phenomenal step forward for patients. We want to be the regional leader in state-of-the-art imaging, faster and safer procedures, shorter recovery times, and better outcomes. I think it’s a great example of investing in forward-thinking medical care that puts the patient first. This is precise, interactive technology at its best,” says Nesmith. 

For more on the surgical options at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, call (603) 609-6213 or visit

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