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Bone Scan - Three Phase

Preparation:  This exam occurs in two parts.  There is no special preparation for this exam.  You may eat, drink, and take any medications needed to prior to this exam. 

What to Expect:
Upon arrival to our reception area, you will be given two appointment times.  The first appointment takes approximately 15 minutes.  You will be greeted and escorted to the Nuclear Medicine suite by one of our team members.  There your Technologist will explain the procedure and discuss symptoms (if any) along with medical history and start an IV in the arm (or hand).
You will then receive an injection of a radiopharmaceutical.   Live pictures are acquired of the anatomy of interest showing where the injected substance is concentrated most (within the area of interest).  The injection has no side affects and you will have no sensation at all.  You are asked to drink extra fluids following the injection and to empty the bladder as often as possible prior to the second appointment, for the actual scan.

There is a three hour (3-hrs) wait between the injection and scan with no restrictions. You can leave the hospital, go shopping, go home and do whatever you like. You can eat, drink, and/or take medications as needed.  We encourage all Bone Scan patients to drink extra fluids during that 3 hour time period and empty your bladder as often as possible. This helps the radioactive tracer material to circulate through you system well.

You must return to Radiology Reception to check in, but do not need to re-register for your second appointment which will last approximately 30 minutes.  The scan takes approximately 20 minutes to obtain.  You will lie on the imaging table and the camera takes images the specific area of concern that the ordering doctor has specified on the order form. For maximum comfort,  a pillow is placed under your head and knees and you will be covered with a warm blanket.  Feel free to bring along your favorite DVD movie or music CD to use during your procedure, or you may choose one from our selection.

Once the images are acquired, the Technologist will evaluate the images for quality, address any issues or concerns that you may have, remove your IV and escort you back to the reception area.  The images are read by a Radiologist (doctor) and the results are dictated, transcribed and sent to the ordering physician within 3 business days.  The ordering physician will provide results to you.

Common reasons to perform a Bone Scan Three Phase include (but are not limited to):

  • Osteomyelitis detection
  • To rule out a bone infection

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