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In addition to basic preventive and medical management of cardiovascular conditions, the multidisciplinary team of Wentworth-Douglass Cardiovascular Interventional Suite provides state-of-the-art minimally invasive cardiac and endovascular interventions. Wentworth-Douglass is proud of its reputation of taking cardiac and peripheral procedures to new levels and to have achieved a leadership position in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and disorders.

The nurses, specialists, and technologists in the Cardiovascular Interventional Suite are highly-skilled in caring for cardiovascular patients and work hand-in-hand with physicians. Superior training also extends to the clinical support staff who maintain certification in BLS (Basic Life Support) and ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support). Wentworth-Douglass Cardiovascular Interventional Suite offers minimally-invasive procedures on an elective (planned) or emergent (24/7) basis including the following:


Cardiac Catheterization- is performed by inserting a thin plastic tube called a catheter through a blood vessel commonly in your leg but can also be inserted through your arm and up to your heart to evaluate the chambers of the heart, the heart valves and the coronary arteries. X-ray is used in combination with contrast dye to evaluate the coronary arteries for blockages or narrowing.

Cardiac Angioplasty - is the use of a small balloon placed on the tip of a catheter which is inserted into a coronary artery to open up an area of narrowing in the blood vessel.

Cardiac Stent Placement - is the use of a small mesh-like tube that is mounted on a balloon and delivered to a blockage in a coronary artery to assist in keeping a blockage from re-occurring. Drug-eluting stent or bare-metal stents are available and options should be discussed with your Cardiologist.

Pericardiocentesis- is the use of a small tube inserted into the protective sac surrounding the heart to remove excessive fluid that has accumulated.

Pacemaker Insertion (PPM) - is the implantation of a small electronic device in the upper chest to help regulate electrical problems of the heart.

Defibrillator Insertion (ICD) - also called implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs), is the implantation of a small electronic device in the upper chest to help manage life-threatening abnormal heart rhythms, like ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation.

For more information on your heart please visit the Atlas of Human Cardiac Anatomy.


Angiography- is performed by inserting a hollow plastic tube, like an IV, into a blood vessel and then inserting a catheter into an artery or vein to visualize any narrowing or disease. Contrast dye and x-ray are utilized to perform this procedure.

Angioplasty- is the use of a small balloon on the tip of a catheter and is inserted into the blood vessel and inflated in the area of blockage.

Stent Placement- is the use of a small, expandable coil which is delivered to an area of a blood vessel with a blockage. A stent will assist in keeping the blood vessel open.

Peripheral Thrombolysis- is the use of clot-busting drugs infused into a blood vessel to break-up and help dissolve blood clots.

Inferior Vena Cava Filter Placement/Removal- is the use of a medical device that is implanted into the inferior vena cava to prevent fatal pulmonary emboli (PEs). IVC filters are placed endovascularly, meaning they are inserted via the blood vessels. Physicians can either insert a permanent IVC filter or a removable filter.

Fistulagram- is performed by inserting a small tube into a dialysis fistula and using contrast dye and x-ray.

For more information please visit the website for the Radiological Society of North America




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