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GreenLight Laser Therapy for Enlarged Prostate

GreenLightTM Laser Therapy is a quick, outpatient procedure that delivers immediate and dramatic symptom relief for enlarged prostate without the side effects or expense of medication or the risks associated with invasive surgery. More than 250,000 men worldwide have been treated with GreenLightTM Laser Therapy. The new treatment uses laser energy to remove enlarged prostate tissue. The result is in an open channel for urine to flow through, with fewer risks of sexual and other side-effects such as incontinence. Also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), this non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate affects more than half of all men over the age of 60.

BPH affects more than 26 million men in the United States each year. As the prostate enlarges, pressure can be put on the urethra. Common symptoms of BPH include frequent urination-especially at night; weak urine flow; pain or burning during urination; and starting or stopping during urination. The inconvenience of these symptoms can have a devastating impact on quality of life.

Choosing a treatment for enlarged prostate involves careful consideration to determine if the treatment is long-lasting, easy to tolerate and safe and effective in relieving symptoms and restoring urine flow. Researching different treatment options can help you determine the best treatment for you. This procedure is offered at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital with Roger Evans, MD and Sandy Chin, MD of Manchester Urology Associates. Call (603) 742-1444 for more information. 

 Patients should discuss all the specific risks and benefits of robotics with their provider before electing to proceed.

Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer and Urologic Disorders

Through incisions the length of a dime, the daVinciTM Robotic Surgical System helps surgeons to operate as precisely as if there were an eight inch incision. For most patients, the procedure results in less blood loss and improved sparing of the nerves and muscles that control erections and urinary continence. Additionally, the procedure allows for a shorter hospital stay, less pain, and a faster recovery. Urologic robotic surgery is offered at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital with Sandy Chin, MD and John Munoz, MD of Manchester Urology Associates at Dover. Call (603) 742-1444 for more information.


Patient Testimonial 

Glen Vigue, 58, remembers Christmas 2008 for a very special gift - the gift of life. Diagnosed with prostate cancer, Glen and his wife met with Dover urologists Sandy Chin, MD and John Munoz, MD. Together, they discussed all the treatment options and decided upon laparoscopic surgical removal using the daVinciTM Robotic Surgical System at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital. "I felt more assured," he said, "if the prostate was totally removed."

The surgery was done on Christmas Eve 2008 and Mr.Vigue went home the next day. "I had five small incisions in my abdomen and a catheter for about a week," he reported. He went back to work, as a medical supplies assembler, in about three weeks. "Dr. Chin was very nice," he explained. "I came in for my three month check-up and I'm doing good."




Above are Dr. John Munoz and Dr. Sandy Chin

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